Collinsville Illinois Car Accident Caused by Local Police Officer Resolved

The City of Collinsville has settled out of court for a case in which a city police officer caused a car accident.

The plaintiff, who was represented by Attorney Michael P. Glisson, suffered injuries to her left shoulder, neck and lower back on Nov. 9, 2007 when a Collinsville police officer ran a red light at the intersection of Keebler Ave. and Beltline Rd. in Collinsville. Since the T-bone collision accident, The driver has undergone two back surgeries, and she has permanent limitations as a result of the crash.

The officer failed to use his sirens while entering the intersection at a red light. On his way back from a defensive driving class, the officer heard the police dispatcher calling officers to respond to a bank robbery. The officer testified that he was going to assist with the robbery, but failed to inform the dispatcher that he was on his way.

A witness to the wreck testified in a deposition that the plaintiff had the green light and that the officer appeared to be putting on his coat while going through a red light. The police car swung around and struck a second car also going through the green light. According to the Illinois Department of Transportation, 103,156 people were injured in car accidents in 2007, and 1248 people died.

The depositions of numerous officers and personnel were taken concerning the incident and procedures. The case was settled for a significant amount before a trial was necessary.

Cases involving municipalities such as the City of Collinsville need to be filed within one year, which is less than the typical statute of limitations of two years.

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