What Can Others on the Road do to Keep Motorcyclists Safe?

“There are 32 other vehicles on the road for every registered motorcycle that is being ridden. Most, if not all, of those 32 other vehicles are larger and heavier than you and your motorcycle.”

This is important – Many times accidents occur because of those other larger and heavier vehicles not seeing or thinking of the motorcyclists around them. Drivers should take precautions to be sure they are doing their part to keep motorcyclists around them safe: 

1. Keep even more distance between your vehicles and motorcycles

“It is easy to misjudge a motorcycles speed and distance” “Although it may seem as though there is enough room in the traffic lane for an automobile and a motorcycle, remember the motorcycle needs the room to maneuver safely. Do not share the lane.”

2. Be extra aware and remember to check blindspots

Due to the fact that a motorcycle is much smaller than other vehicles it can be difficult to see them. Take your time changing lanes and take the time to check each of your blind spots. Make sure that all your mirrors are in the correct position before getting on the road. 

3. Never forget to use your turn signals

Turn on your turn signals even sooner than normal while driving in front of a motorcycle. Keep in mind that the turn signals on some motorcycles are manual. If you see a turn signal on, on a motorcycle exercise even more caution as they could have inadvertently left it on.

4. Exercise caution at intersections

Many accidents between motorcycles and other vehicles happen at intersections. It is everyone’s responsibility to, “come to a complete halt, view and obey posted traffic signs and signals, look both ways for approaching traffic, and proceed slowly.”

Remember that motorcyclists are exposed while on the road! An accident for them is very dangerous. Be mindful and do your part in sharing the road with them and maintaining safety.