What Can A Motorcyclist do to Increase Safety?

As May comes to a close we want to remind everyone that it is motorcycle safety awareness month and urge everyone to be aware of motorcycle safety all year long. 

Motorcycle riding can be fun and exhilarating especially in the warm summer months. However, it can be very dangerous. According to NHTSA 4,985 motorcyclists were killed in 2018. Motorcycle drivers and others on the road need to be continually thinking of each other on the road and how to maintain safe riding. 

Here are a few things all motorcyclists should always be doing to increase their safety:

  • Wear the proper protection 

The best way to protect yourself from serious injury in a motorcycle crash would be to wear a proper helmet

Be sure it meets the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard

Choose a bike that fits you

Be sure your arms and legs are covered

According to NHTSA, “In addition to providing protection in a crash, protective gear also helps prevent dehydration”

  • Ride Responsibly

Know the rules of the road

Drive defensively and never assume others on the road can see you

Be extremely cautious – do not take risks

Add reflective material to your bike

Wear brighter colors to increase your visibility 

  • Never drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs

“Alcohol and drugs, including some prescribed medications, negatively affect your judgment, coordination, balance, throttle control, and ability to shift gears”. Driving under the influence is never a smart decision.

According to the National Safety council, “28% of riders who died in a motorcycle crash in 2017 were alcohol-impaired” Think of yourself and others on the road make the right decision and ride above the influence. 

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