In Belleville, Illinois, a motorcyclist was killed in a collision with a pickup truck. It was about 6:00p.m. when the two vehicles collided at Foley Drive and 78th street. The truck driver was turning onto Foley Drive when he crashed into the motorcycle driver. It is unclear what the cause of the crash was at this time. The motorcycle driver was pronounced dead at the crash scene. It is unclear whether the pickup driver will face charges.

It is unclear what caused this accident, but some of the most common reasons for motorcycle crashes are :

  • motorists not sharing the road safely with motorcycles
  • a car turns left in front of you
  • a car changes lanes into you
  • a car opened its door and hit you
  • drinking and driving

The following are some safety tips for motorcycles: motorcyclists need to make themselves visible to other motorists; have your headlamps on at all times; and wear bright clothing.

Keep in mind that motorcyclists have the same rights as other vehicles on the roadway. Often times accidents involving motorcycles are serious or fatal. Glisson Law is very experienced in helping people and families that are injured in motorcycle crashes. They have been handling cases such as these ever since they were founded 42 years ago. If you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle, car, truck, or any other vehicle, please call Glisson Law at (618) 462-1077 for your free consultation. Glisson Law has the expertise to help you.