Alton, Illinois Trip and Fall Claim Against Ponderosa Resolved

An Alton, Illinois woman resolved her claim against Ponderosa. The elderly woman was with her daughter when she left the Ponderosa on Homer Adams Parkway in Alton. The sidewalk around the building came to an abrupt dropoff without warning. There was no handrail, lighting, or other warning to protect the woman or other customers against this defect.

The elderly woman tried to break her fall with her outstretched hand, causing a fracture to her shoulder. She had surgery to repair the injury, but was left with permanent injury of the shoulder, including loss of range of motion, loss of strength, and pain and suffering.

Often times, businesses fail to fix defects until an accident happens, and even then, they many times fail to protect their customers against known dangerous conditions. In this case, the parking lot and walkways appeared to be in disrepair when the accident happened. The Ponderosa restaurant subsequently closed unrelated to the accident.

The woman was represented by Michael P. Glisson of the law firm of Williamson, Webster, Falb and Glisson. WWF&G represents numerous clients who have been injured as a result of dangerous conditions on property, including pending cases against McDonald’s, Hardee’s, Sav-A-Lot, Shop-n-Save, and other businesses such as gas stations, restaurants, and grocery stores. Please call us with similar cases and we will evaluate your claim for free at 618-462-1077.