Alton, Illinois Man Versus Gatorade

WWF&G recently obtained a settlement from Gatorade for an Alton, Illinois man.

Our client had purchased a bottle of Gatorade, when starting to drink it, noticed a foreign substance in the liquid resembling a thick gray cloud.

Fortunately, the client stopped ingesting the Gatorade and contacted WWF&G for assistance.

A claim was made against the manufacturer and an early settlement satisfactory to our client was achieved. If you encounter a foreign substance in your food or drink, it is advisable to preserve the product as evidence, as well as any other evidence to support your potential claim, such as a product receipt, packaging or photos of the evidence. If you feel ill as a result of consumption, you should seek medical attention promptly.

If you or your family or friends have had similar issues with food products, WWF&G is ready to assist @ 618-462-1077. Our firm has handled several similar cases, including the recent salmonella outbreak from Peter Pan, as well as numerous other food-borne illness cases.