Alton Illinois Employer Sued for Failing to Pay Share of Medical Insurance

A woman terminated from her job at an Alton, Illinois loan company has filed suit against her former employer, claiming that she was fired for having a hip replacement.

According to an article in the Madison County Record, the suit claims loss of wages and benefits between $50,000 and $70,000 as a result of losing employment. In addition, the plaintiff’s attorney wrote that the plaintiff performed the tasks essential to her job, living up reasonably to the employer’s expectations.

The firing followed a hospital visit, during which the plaintiff’s need for a total hip replacement was confirmed. The plaintiff continued going to work and performing her duties despite being in severe pain. A week and a half after her hospitalization, with her hip surgery coming soon, the plaintiff was fired.

Upon being terminated, the plaintiff signed a separation agreement that stated she would continue to receive health insurance for four more weeks, which would have enabled her to be covered for surgery. Her former boss, however, canceled the health insurance, which the plaintiff’s attorney claims violated the separation agreement.

According to the U.S. Equal Opportunity Employment Commission, the number of employment discrimination lawsuits filed has steadily increased from 80,680 in 1997 to 99,922 in 2010 — the largest quantity of cases listed on the EEOC website.

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