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    Truck Accidents


    Trucking safety is so important that the federal government has passed a body of laws to govern truck safety, namely the Federal Motor Carrier Regulations. Trucking and over-the-road trucking is a critical function of our country. The regulations are voluminous and can be difficult to understand. Our firm can explain these regulations and how they may apply to your case.

    How Will Your Firm Investigate My Accident?

    Our firm will begin investigating the accident immediately. Over-the-road truck drivers are required to keep their log books for at least six months and they can be destroyed thereafter. Truck drivers’ log books often show that they are “out of hours”, such that they have driven too many hours and may be fatigued, causing driver error.

    Our firm will investigate the following:

    1. Personnel file of defendant driver;
    2. Speed information of the truck, which can be recovered from the “black box” of the truck;
    3. Maintenance information including braking maintenance; and
    4. All log books and other documents required to be kept pursuant to the Federal Motor Carrier Regulations.

    How Is A Truck Accident Different From A Car Accident?

    A fully loaded semi-tractor trailer can weigh 80,000 pounds, whereas most automobiles weigh 2,500 pounds. Further, the drivers of semi-tractor trailers are in the cat bird seat, such that they have a best view of intersections and highways. In a majority of the accidents, drivers of semi-tractor trailers have no injury, whereas the injury caused to drivers of automobiles are catastrophic and sometimes fatal.

    Do Commercial Truck Drivers Have Special Training?

    Yes. Commercial truck drivers are required to have a commercial drivers license (CDL). In order to obtain a CDL, individuals must pass a written and driving skills test. The results of these tests are required to be kept in the personnel file of the driver. Further, the federal government will audit companies to ensure compliance with the Federal Motor Carrier Regulations.

    Often times, trucking companies are relaxed about complying with the Federal Motor Carrier Regulations. They will hire drivers who have a CDL, but have a history of prior “avoidable” accidents. A good trucking company will not hire a driver if they have one avoidable accident on their record. Again, accidents with a semi-tractor trailer can result in catastrophic injures and fatalities. Accordingly, one avoidable accident is too many.

    How Will Your Firm Handle My Case?

    Our firm will handle your case immediately and aggressively. Our firm will file suit immediately and secure all necessary evidence. We will work with various trucking accident experts that we use in these types of cases to testify as to safety violations of the Federal Motor Carrier Regulations, as well as with general safety. Our firm will use accident reconstruction experts if necessary. We also work with the appropriate physicians and medical providers to testify concerning injuries.

    Contact Us.

    To schedule your free consultation with WWF&G call us at (618) 462-1077. We handle semi-tractor trailer cases in Illinois and Missouri, as well as across the country, as the Federal Motor Carrier Regulations are the same for every state.