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    Railroad Accidents / FELA


    Railroads are an integral part of Illinois and Missouri history, economically tying the Midwest to the rest of the country by rail. Rail workers continue to serve an important role in the American workforce even today, more than a hundred years after train tracks tamed the west and paved the way for cross-country commerce and trade.

    Unfortunately, however, on-the-job accidents injure and kill rail workers every year. The law office of Williamson, Webster, Falb & Glisson is proud to represent injured workers and their families in order to help them recover physical and emotional damages caused by trains. In fact, the firm was founded in 1972 by the late James T. Williamson who principally represented injured railroad workers across the country.

    What is FELA?

    Railroad employees that sustain injuries are governed by a different body of law (FELA) than other injured workers. FELA stands for Federal Employers Liability Act, which was passed more than 100 years ago to increase safety standards in the railroad industry. FELA provides a better remedy to injured railroad workers than most workers that are governed by regular workers compensation laws. Whenever a railroad worker is injured or killed in the course of his employment, the railroad is liable for its negligence. Injuries on the railroad can be serious, and this is one of the reasons for this added protection

    Thanks in part to industry safety advancements enforced by FELA, working for railroad companies is much safer than it used to be … but the system is not perfect. Accidents still happen, and when they do, hazardous working conditions can lead to permanent injuries or even fatalities. When that happens, there is no time to spare in contacting an attorney to represent and advise you on how to make the greatest possible recovery for your medical bills, loss of wages, and emotional suffering.

    What makes FELA a great remedy?

    FELA offers great protections for employees who work on railroads. In the past, when railroad companies have attempted to finagle their way out of following industry standards and covering FELA liability, court cases such as Kelly v Southern Pacific Co (1974) have established that even sub-contracted employees should be covered by FELA laws. In short, railroad workers are better positioned to gain recoveries than laborers of most trades thanks to FELA.

    Why you need an attorney.

    Navigating the FELA laws can be complicated. Certain things must be proven in order to gain the full reward under FELA laws. A lawsuit filed against a railroad must prove that the company was negligent, failing to take reasonable precautions in providing workplace safety or properly warning employees of danger. In short, injuries must be specifically linked to the railroad’s shortcomings. The railroad injury attorneys at WWF&G are already familiar with these laws and the best practices for making a monetary recovery.

    Why WWF&G?

    Our attorneys are experienced in all types of personal injury cases, including those involving railroads. We have become known in the Greater St. Louis area as a firm that will prosecute cases to the fullest extent, and maximize recovery for injured victims. Our firm has the resources and trial network to give you and your family confidence during a difficult time. As a result of continued success, past clients and attorneys regularly recommend injury victims to our firm.

    Take a look at our results page for other examples of cases we successfully settled or won in trial. Please do not hesitate to contact us toll-free at (877) 993-4529. We are certified to represent clients from the states of Illinois and Missouri.