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    Election Day Safety

    Election Day is an incredibly important day in our country. This is a day we get to exercise our right to vote. No matter a person’s political stance, it is important to consider safety on this day. Many people are out and some in areas that they aren’t familiar with to cast their ballots. This […]

    Halloween Safety During Covid

    Halloween is always a fun time of the year to get festive and celebrate. However some of those activities may need to be tweaked this year. Halloween might look different but it can still be fun while being celebrated safely. Here is a list of activities outside of trick or treating that can be a […]

    Teen Driving Safety

    This week is NHTSA’s Teen Driving Safety week. “2,121 people were killed in crashes involving a teen driver in 2018” and crashes remain to be the leading cause of teen deaths. This is why NHTSA continues to promote teen driving safety annually. According to the CDC, “per mile driven, teen drivers [aged 16-19] are nearly […]

    Railroad Safety

    According to the National Safety Council there were 7,867 railroad incident injuries and 907 railroad incident deaths in 2019 alone. This number is drastically reduced from years prior but it still proves to be an issue that we need to continue to shed light on.  In fact, the NHTSA has launched a “stop, Trains cant.” […]

    Pedestrian Safety Month

    This October is the National Highway Traffic Safety administration’s first annual pedestrian safety month. Walking and biking have surged as a way for people to get out of their homes during the pandemic. However, as expressed by the NHTSA, “Sadly, as the end of Daylight Saving Time approaches and the nights get longer, the risks […]

    Car seat Safety

    This week the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has been promoting Child Passenger Safety and using a car seat correctly is a large topic. One of the leading causes of death in children up to age 13 in the US is motor vehicle injuries. Parents should know that these deaths are mostly preventable and we […]

    Drowsy Driving

    Many people know how dangerous getting on the road under any influence is. They understand that this is a bad decision. What people don’t pay as much attention to is getting behind the wheel while feeling drowsy or not stopping the car if you begin to feel drowsy while driving.  They should know that according […]

    Concussion after an accident

    The most common injury in a car accident is a concussion. According to the CDC, “A concussion is a type of traumatic brain injury—or TBI—caused by a bump, blow, or jolt to the head or by a hit to the body that causes the head and brain to move rapidly back and forth. This sudden […]

    Labor Day Safety

    Labor Day weekend is coming up. It is a fun weekend to celebrate and commemorate summer traditions such as grilling out or hanging out by the pool. Due to this many more people than usual will be out drinking as well. Labor Day weekend has an increase in traffic deaths of 300-400% from normal days.  […]

    Airbags Save Lives

    In our last blog we talked about seat belt safety and how important they really are. Airbags are another huge car feature that saves many many lives. It is important to note that they are meant to be used alongside a seatbelt, not on their own. According to NHTSA, “from 1987 to 2017, frontal air […]